The Androgenetic Alopecia in Women is a real problem, learn what to do and how.

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Want to know more about the technique?, we tell you everything about it.

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If you want to know your type of alopecia, you have to read the following.

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Beards are in, and the inability to grow thick warm fuzz can leave some men feeling left out in the cold.

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Based in Tijuana México, Neopel Hair Transplant leads the way in providing natural, consistently amazing results. A successful hair transplant can change your life forever.

At Neopel Hair Transplant we can provide an alternative to patients with baldness problems through a hair transplant surgery, using the most cutting edge technology and the highest quality. Our team works with verified experience and continuous qualification guarantee the trust of our patients providing to them an excellent result.

Over the years it was discovered that hair grows in natural groups, the so-called follicular units. This discovery led to the introduction of Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT for short.

Speaking of Trichophytic Closure, further advantages over previously used methods are that the scar becomes a lot finer and that the method can be used in all commonly used transplantation methods.

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Neopel Hair Transplant FUT Technique

Neopel Hair Transplant Beard Transplant

Neopel Hair Transplant Norwood Scale

Hair Diseases

Hair loss, or alopecia as it is known in medical circles, affecting not just men but to an increasing extent also women.

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Tricophytic Closure

Trichophytic Closure is a technique used to make the scars caused by the removal of the strip of skin practically invisible.

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About Tijuana

Neopel Hair Clinic is located on Jose Clemente Orozco #2260, 5 min from the border, in the medical district of the city.

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What is Neopel Clinic?

We are a team of 5 Technicians, who do all the transplant procedure.

Who is Dr. Gabriela Hernandez Amaya?


We have 9 years doing transplant and still surprises me to see patients arriving from all over the world: USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. Yes always surpassing my own goals density in transplantation, you can imagine how committed I am to try to be the best.
We are in a very accessible location, located just 3 minutes from the most visited border in the world. Being better every day (speaking of Logistics) in the transfer to our patients through the border and making your trip a pleasant and safe experience above. That and more do not hesitate to schedule your transplant with us, you’re in good hands.

What is the Tricophytic Closure?

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Facial Hair Transplant

Are you worried?

Leave to us all your worries about hair loss, we’re experts in hair transplant and baldness conditions.